So f'ing true, it's not only pathetic but disgusting and those case workers who don't do jack ***, are treated like Gods and cannot be reached AT ALL!!! WHAT A SCAM, calling into the 800# and getting some incompetent robot, 99.9% of time giving out incorrect information ALWAYS ALWAYS has an attitude, from the start.

Use to be you could at least "leave a message" for the lazy s.o.b.'s who are supposedly working on your behalf, but again it NEVER gets you a call back, response, nada... Now, only way to reach case worker is by SNAIL MAIL! My story, which is what I call it now bc son is 18, in college & NCP is in Texas, is in a 3" binder, which is now 4.5" thick, which only good it can do me now is to use as a door stop, seriously! And only bc of paperwork from me, letters, docs I had to case.

Thank goodness state of Connecticut and Texas are in modern times and actually want to help, actually have live person answer phone. My worker has NEVER even given me a copy of the original court order, forget about certified copy...In 7 yrs, I have rec'd a total of 4 letters from that hag and 2 were the same f'ing letters.... NCP moved from NY to CT then TX. My son and I always resided in NY, married to NCP here, son born here but bc NCP moved so did my case.

Ugh, gets me disgusted. Now I have support judgement over $10k in TX but bc my case worker closed my case here, TX can't talk to me. I'm at a loss. Main reason I didn't file for support until 2010, son born 1999, we separated in 2001 but knew this would be my headache, heartache, etc.

and would result in a huge waste of time. case worker NEVER EVEN filed my support award in my county so....couldn't modify myself, believe me I tried, NEVER, NOT ONCE, had increase since original award in 2010, never informed of case info, court dates, she never even filed for garnishment, never file or submitted proper pwk to other states, I literally did this *** job, she got paid, my son got robbed for money and my time, how do you get that back? Bc this agency is worthless, my child support was awarded in CT but TX has jurisdiction! I want to find out how to collect judgement at least but at this point find out if I'm eligible to open new case (myself, d.i.y) bc son is 18, in college full time and NY pays until 21, at least...but again, not worthy enough to get the courtesy or respect of a call, letter, response, ***!

At this point I despise nys child support, saratoga county, ny, even more than my dead beat x. SHAME ON YOU and worse SHAME ON SUPERVISORS AND SUPERIORS WHO COVER UP FOR THESE WORTHLESS PAID COUNTY WORKERS!

Product or Service Mentioned: New York State Child Support Enforcement Customer Care.

Reason of review: Incompetent Child Support Case Workers & Supervisors who cover it up. I'm pursuing to FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, that's a PROMISE! News, lawyer, everything and anything possible!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Dealing with other states.

I didn't like: Have the caseworkers actually do work, Automated system sucks - pay the people to be caseworkers.

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